Galilee Youth -  October2018

Campfire Kickoff

Galilee’s Youth had a great Campfire Kickoff in September. The rain managed to stop for a day or two letting us get a roaring fire going
Everyone roasted hot dog and made S'mores. There was a devotion which included trying to draw simple shapes while blindfolded and being directed by our partners and talking about how hard it was not only to draw the figures but to give the directions to draw the figures! The point being, that we are - in Colossians 3:12-13 - called to be have patience and be kind with each other. And it's not always easy.

We also had time to really learn more about each other. What we didn't get were PICTURES! Too bad as it was a good time.


Imagine a concert where everyone not only participates but has FUN!

Imagine being with a large group of your peers where no one fights, bullies or makes fun of each other. Where you value each other because of the unique and wonderful person God has made. Where you have fun activities, listen to great music and actually get to know Jesus better.

THAT is Youth Quake! And it will be held January 11th - 13th for Middle School youths in grades 6th through 9th.

This year's theme is "DIVERGE" -based on Romans 12:2 "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

The speaker this year is Wes Halula who is a writer, director and producer for film and television. He’s best known for writing for the DreamWorks/Netflix series “VeggieTales: In the House.” His latest film YOUTH GROUP stars Donald Faison and Joey Fatone. Wes wrote and directed STOP TRAFFICK. This short film is used to help girls escape trafficking. It can be seen across the globe on Shorts TV. Wes is writing and producing the film DESOLATE BEAUTY, developing an animated series “The Stokes Family Adventures” with Emmy Award-winning Tony Hale and developing a WWII bio-pic, based on the book RESOLVE. Wes has created content for Disney, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, Comedy Central, Discovery Education, Compassion International, Sparkhouse Publishing and Life Promotions. He also speaks at youth events and teaches film at universities and seminars around the world. Wes lives in the foothills above LA with his creative wife and energetic kids.

Music will be provided by the duo "Swen & Dean". These two brothers tell us "Singing isn’t why we are here, God is and you are. Music is one of the ways to put the two together. We are in it for the experience. On and off the stage we love to hang with people. Our style is…Swen and Dean style. Our hope is…that you know that you are valuable and loved. Our other loves are…coffee and family times. Let’s have a great weekend together."

I can promise you that no one has ever attended Youth Quake that did not have a GREAT time!

So how much does it cost? Youth wanting to attend will pay for the registration fee. Galilee Youth Ministry will pay for the hotel rooms for the weekend. Costs are based on timing and are:

Scholarships are available if cost is an issue. See Ms. Jean about details.

This is more fun with a large group! Let's see how many we can get to go!


We are going to look at Options for High School Quake. There are FOUR that are close to us. Which one works best for you? Email Ms. Jean with your preferences (1, 2 and 3!) and we can do a group decision!

Options are:

  1. Jan 11th- 13th – HuntValley – see Middle School as they've now expanded this to 6th grade through High School.
  2. Jan 18-20th – Harrisburg PA (~ 2 Hours from Pasadena): Speaker: Dan Scharnhorst and Musicianw: 100 White Flags - Both GREAT!
  3. Feb 8-10th – Allentown PA (~ 3 Hours from Pasadena): Speaker: Tiger McLuen and Musician: Lloyd Garrelts
  4. March 1st-3rd – Virginia Beach VA(~ 3 Hours from Pasadena): Speaker: “Packer” Dave Gunnlaugsson and Musicians: Swen & Dean

Let Ms. Jean know your preference by November 11th so we can make a decision!

Upcoming Youth Events

NEW DATE! November 4th 6 PM Let's be Thankful - This event is going to focus on being Thankful in a fun way. Come hungry for pizza. We will do a small service project and team games - so bring your friends. Galilee Fellowship Hall.

December 4th 6 PM Youth Christmas Party & Church Decorating - This event 'WHEN' may depend on if the New Sanctuary is ready! We may have to decorate before the pews are in.
Youth should bring a gift of value less than $10 (appropriate for a teenager) for the White Elephant Exchange (WEE!) and a favorite Christmas Goodie to share.
There will be games and fun for all. Friends are welcome but they should also bring a WEE gift.


Do you have SO many things on your schedule that you seem to miss out on opportunities?  Good News!  The Youth Ministry team wants to communicate with you! If you are a student in 6th -12th grade or the parents of one, we want to connect with you!

WWe know you are busy, so make sure you join the Galilee Youth Text group to get reminders for upcoming events! You may join at this link by entering your email or phone number:

Students must be 13 years or older to be added to the texting group.  Texts will NOT be sent during school hours or late in the evening!   We promise!

Questions? Contact Youth Counselor, Jean Hase ( or Dir. of Discipleship Emily Phoenix (dodemily@galileelutheranchurch .org).


Youth, young adults and adults! Would you be willing to serve on a YOUTH PLANNING BOARD? The board will meet periodically to help us plan out our 2017-2018 youth activities, service projects and fund raisers. If you are willing to serve, talk to Ms. Jean next time you see her!

YOUTH CALENDAR HERE! - Get your copy of the 2018-2019 Galilee Youth Calendar at this link!

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" Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." – DIVERGE! Romans 12:2