Opportunities to Grow!

Bible Study at Galilee

Children & Youth Studies - Sunday School classes for children starting at age 3 through High School will start at 9:15 am. Children should meet in their assigned classrooms. Direction will be provided in the Narthex (Lobby). This year's study is based on "The Gospel Project" which is a chronological Christ-centered bible study that examines how all Scripture, gives testimony to Jesus Christ.

Registration for new families is always available HERE (Just click on the link and download the form). Register the whole family using just one form!
Completed forms can be put in the Sunday School mail slot across from the church office or brought with you on Sunday.

Sunday - High School & Young Adults

Thomas Doubts - This week, we will learn about the nature of doubt and faith and how Jesus responds to those whose faith may waiver. This bibles study is directed toward High School and Young adults, has NO homework and is part of the "Gospel Project". Please, feel free to drop-in to any session. Class starts around 9:15 - feel free to bring your donut and coffee with you!

Sunday - Adult Study

The Gospel Project: Luke - This study for adults, is a chronological Christ-centered Bible study that examines how all Scripture, gives testimony to Jesus Christ. Lead by Janie Reville and Glenn Shell on Sunday at 9:20 am, South section of the fellowship hall.

Friday January 19th

Dinner and Book Club - "The Great Divorce" Book Club will finish up 'The Great Divorce' by C.S. Lewis, a classic allegorical tale where damned spirits are given a vacation or a “holiday” away from Hell to visit Heav-en, where they are invited to stay forever.
There, they are persuaded by people they formally knew, relatives and friends, to come with them up the mountain to enjoy the bliss of Heaven.
What's the catch? They must leave behind what is keeping them in Hell and accept the love of God. Lewis' revolutionary idea in the The Great Divorce is that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside. This book will change the way we think about good and evil. Dinner and Book Club, 6:30 pm, at the Reville home. For more information, contact Janie or Marty Reville by phone (410-255-4684) or e-mail for more information.

Saturday Jan . 27th

"Courageous Fathers of the Bible” - This month the monthly men’s Barnabas Bible Class will be looking at Jairus, the father of a 12-year-old girl whom Jesus raised from death, and the role of faith and humility in the lives of Jesus’ disciples. Monthly men’s Barnabas Bible Class, Pastor Hank, Golden Corral restaurant on Ordnance Road, Glen Burnie, 7:30 am.

Looking Ahead to Summer!

Vacation Bible School will be held at Galilee from 9 am to noon Monday, July 30 through Friday, Aug. 3. Children ages three through entering sixth grade are eligible to attend. Save the dates now; then watch the newsletter and our website (www.GalileeLutheran Church.org) for registration information next year.