Announcements for the week of May 21st to May 27th

"Shining in our Hearts"

H2OWhat does a pastor say in the weekends before he’s about to retire and leave a congregation where he has served for more than 12 years?

This weekend, you are hearing the first of three sermons to answer that question. As we celebrate Pentecost, we are looking at how change is involved in our lives as followers of Jesus.

Next weekend, we celebrate the Festival of the Holy Trinity. We’ll explore how we learn about God the Father, as the Spirit brings the light of His Son Jesus to shine in our hearts.

While that may sound like uninteresting “church talk,” the Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 4:5-6 offer some very practical advice for living out our faith.

You’re invited to read those verses about “Shining in Our Hearts” as preparation for next weekend’s worship.

Readings For Next Week:   Acts 1:12-26    1 John 5:9-15    John 17:11b-19

Our weekend worship schedule offers three types of services:

Galilee Lutheran Church is located two miles east of where Maryland Route 100 merges into Mountain Road. Simply head toward the Chesapeake (follow the signs towards Gibson Island ). Halfway to Downs Park, you'll see us on the left side of the road, nestled in the woods. We'd love to offer you Christian hospitality and service in the name of our risen Savior and Lord, Jesus. May He guide you! ~ Pastor Hank Simon