Announcements for the week of July 16th to July 22nd

"Symbols ‘Up Front’"

H2O“Fishing for people” is the theme for the green altar paraments (hangings) and pastor’s vestments we use during the first half of the Season after Pentecost. The hanging on the front of the altar sets that theme.

Reflecting Jesus’ words that his disciples will “catch people” (Matthew 4:19), a fishing net is draped around a cross. The circle around the cross symbolizes God’s love, which goes on forever.

The lectern (reading desk) cloth has the circle and cross with two sheaves of wheat.

This recalls Jesus’ parable that compares the Word of God to seeds of wheat that are sown (Luke 8:11-15). As we hear the Scripture read, it is “sown” in our hearts so that a harvest of Christian faith and life results.

The pulpit has the circle, cross and net, but adds fish. They represent people, whom preaching is intended to gather into God’s kingdom.

The stole and chasuble repeat themes from the altar cloth.

The stole is worn by ordained ministers and symbolizes a yoke of servanthood.

The chasuble is worn by an ordained minister celebrating Communion. It has its origin in a poncho-like garment worn in ancient Rome.

Readings For Next Week:   Jeremiah 23:1-6    Ephesians 2:11-22    Mark 6:30-44

Our weekend worship schedule offers three types of services:

Galilee Lutheran Church is located two miles east of where Maryland Route 100 merges into Mountain Road. Simply head toward the Chesapeake (follow the signs towards Gibson Island ). Halfway to Downs Park, you'll see us on the left side of the road, nestled in the woods. We'd love to offer you Christian hospitality and service in the name of our risen Savior and Lord, Jesus. May He guide you! ~ Pastor Hank Simon