How to Find Galilee On-line

ON-LINE: See our Homepage at

ON FACEBOOK: Join our Church Facebook page by typing 'Galilee Lutheran Church' in the SEARCH field or click here. You don't have to have a Facebook logon to see our page!

Galilee Teens on FACEBOOK: Teens interested in what's going on with Galilee Youth, check our group (Galilee Lutheran Teens!) out on on Facebook.

PHONE TEXT ALERTS - Are you interested in receiving text messages from Galilee when a church-wide message goes out? If you have a phone where you would like to receive text messages (and it's not an additional cost to you), go to (yes, there is an 'r' on the end!) and follow the instructions. If you are on this list, you will only receive a text message in the situation where a church-wide message would need to go out (snow day, emergency, etc.). More than likely, you won't receive a text very often!

NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP: Would you like to get notified about the newsletter each month?  A monthly e-mail goes out from the church office at the publishing of the newsletter - and you can be on the list. Just click Subscribe to our newsletter!